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The Emotions of Love are Nourishment for Our Souls
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Your Dream Wedding and Civil Wedding Locations
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How Does a Lay Ceremony Work?
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A Lay Wedding Ceremony Does Not Mean Atheism
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Paola Minussi Celebrante

Paola Minussi,
Lay Celebrant

Your life, your story,
your ceremony: unique and special
just like you

I’m Paola, a secular celebrant with intertek certification.

I’m Italian (native speaker) and I speak English, German and Portuguese.

I love making the special moments of our lives simply unforgettable.
I conduct weddings, baptisms, vow renewals, farewell ceremonies, women’s circles and all the life transitions that make us unique.

Types of Ceremonies

I’m convinced that every meaningful moment of our lives is worth celebrating in a unique and special way. A new arrival to the family, a wedding, an anniversary, the commemoration of someone dear to us, an important new phase of our lives, which we wish to honor in an unforgettable way.

If you wish, I will accompany you in these intimate and once-in-a-lifetime moments, with sensitivity and experience. I will tell your stories and the stories of those you love with special words and unique gestures.

Together we will create “your ceremony” which perfectly matches you.

Unique and special. Just like you.

welcome ceremonies

Welcoming Ceremonies

Sing, dance, laugh
and live intensely every day
of your life

Charlie Chaplin

Welcoming Ceremonies and Baptisms
It is always an immense joy to greet and welcome the arrival of a daughter or son who comes to be with us. And the most beautiful wish that we can have for our children is this: to live intensely every moment of our lives.

secular ceremonies of symbolic wedding

Symbolic Wedding Ceremonies

It’s just that you are you.
And when it comes to you,
I can’t explain
what happens to me.
When it comes to you,
I’m happy.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

When two souls meet and decide to join their

vow renewal ceremonies

Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Nuc et semper
Digne ed in aeternum

Pier Maria Rossi

“Now and forever, with virtue and for eternity”: this formula is imprinted all over the walls of the golden chamber in the Torrechiara castle, located near the city of Parma. The mercenary captain Pier Maria Rossi had it

Extraordinary images for unforgettable moments

Where do I perform celebrations?

Wherever you want to celebrate

Whether you are in Italy or abroad, on a romantic beach or on the patio of a 19th century villa, I can perform your ceremony. Any place can turn into an extraordinary setting, to make a special and unique moment in your life truly memorable.

Celebriamo matrimoni in tutto il mondo

Let’s get in touch

Reviews of Ceremonies

During the organization of our civil wedding, we realized the need for a professional figure to officiate our marriage: a secular celebrant, a relatively new professional role. We sought a discreet person, skilled in crafting a wedding ceremony, allowing friends and family to fully enjoy the moment without additional bureaucratic tasks. We also desired someone with musical expertise to coordinate the quartet of string musicians for our special day.

Our journey with Paola was filled with moments of reflection and collaboration. In the months leading up to the wedding, through a series of online and in-person meetings, she crafted a ceremony script tailored to us entirely, allowing us to approach the day in a relaxed manner. Beautiful memories from the wedding are now preserved through photos and the ceremony script.

Serena Minervini and Valerio Di Palma, Civil Wedding

Masseria "Lady Tiffany Ricevimenti", Ruvo di Puglia, Bari, December 28, 2023

Dear Paola, thank you for everything. It was an indescribable ceremony, filled with emotions. Even months later, we still receive many compliments from relatives and friends for how you created and conducted the ceremony.

It was a fantastic wedding, and your part was truly exemplary! It was so moving: you even made my cousin, who claims never to have cried in his entire (adult) life, shed tears. Even my best man said, “I haven’t been moved like this, not even at my children’s weddings, but at yours!”

Ylenia Morando and Daniele Olivero, symobilic wedding

Banca del vino, Pollenzo (Cuneo), October 15, 2023

Thank you so much Paola, for your professionalism and helpfulness.
We were very pleased. You were very attentive to our requests, with so much patience. We wanted a simple but well-organized wedding, and you helped us a lot in every moment for achieving the desired result.
You know how to guide the bride and groom in making the many choices there are for a ceremony. You are a person who loves what you do and you convey that. Thank you for making the most important day of our lives unique and unforgettable. ❤️

Susan & Giovanni Minussi, newlyweds,

Villa dei Cipressi,Varenna, lake Como, 6 October 2022

Paola is a special person, and this made the difference from the very beginning. She enthusiastically stood by us during the sharing journey that allowed her to get to know us and write about our love. She did this thanks to her enormous talent, which extends from words to music, intertwining the two and creating something very beautiful. Paola is a true professional: she is precise, attentive, present; and her empathy and honesty inspire confidence. It’s not easy to express the depth and uniqueness of a love story, it’s not easy to touch the emotions of the listener, yet on our wedding day this happened: Paola managed to move everyone. We wanted our ceremony to be special, unforgettable, to share about us and our love, and it was only thanks to Paola that this was possible.

Nadia Carro & Damiano Fabiano, newlyweds

Almaranto Hotel, Calamandrana (Asti), 17 September 2022

From the very first meeting we felt the warmth, spontaneity and great professionalism that distinguish Paola. We felt at ease in every moment and Paola fulfilled all our wishes, even doing more than her due, while constantly guiding us with her advice to have a perfect ceremony. And it was perfect: engaging and intimate, with a hint of irony, but always natural, even for our Italian and German guests. We are grateful to Paola for playing (with great sensitivity) a key role in our lives, and we will always reserve a special place in our hearts for her.

Sandra Iannotti & Marvin Comuth, newlyweds

Villa Grandinetti, Nocera Terinese (Catanzaro), 6 September 2022

Dear Paola, we are trying to find the right words to describe what was an amazing wedding speech and a fantastic experience throughout the preparation journey. We believe the greatest compliment to your work was the positive and unsolicited feedback we received from our guests. It was great to meet such a positive and enriching person who was able to convey the positivity and joy of our special day to our guests! Best wishes for all your future endeavors and weddings!

Sandra Caviezel & Claudio Becuzzi, newlyweds

Relais San Maurizio, Santo Stefano Belbo, Cuneo, 3 September 2022

Thank you, Paola,
amazing as always!

Director of Events for Exclusive Italy Weddings Abby & Kurt newlyweds

Villa San Michele, Fiesole (Florence) - 2 October 2021


Some thoughts on the ceremonies I celebrate

In my activity as a lay humanist celebrant (and I would like to underline, once again, the adjective “humanist”, because…

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