Welcoming Ceremonies and Baptisms

Woman rejoicing in a green meadow at the birth of a son

It is always an immense joy to greet and welcome the arrival of a daughter or son who comes to be with us.  And the most beautiful wish that we can have for our children is this: to live intensely every moment of our lives.

Whatever the journey that unites children and parents – biological, adoptive, foster – the moment in which the desire for this encounter becomes reality changes our lives forever. Celebrating this new beginning is a unique occasion to bring together the stories, experiences and dreams of a new family.

Adopted child at the seaside
Paola Minussi Celebrates a baptism

And so this is how I will accompany you: I will listen to and weave the threads of your stories with words, gestures, music and symbolic rites, chosen and thought of especially for you, so that they touch the deepest chords of your hearts. Before you, and before the important people in your lives, we will bear witness to this beginning without dogmas or rigid conventions, but with the maximum respect for the differences and peculiarities of each human being involved.

Sing, dance, laugh and live intensely every day of your life.
Charlie Chaplin

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