Wedding Destinations & Elopement for Wedding Ceremonies

The newlyweds Ela and Fabio walk hand in hand at Villa Spina

What is meant by “Wedding Destinations” and “Elopement”?
If you would like to celebrate your wedding in a city other than your own or even in a foreign country, no problem; we’ve got Wedding Destinations, which involves moving your guests to the destination of your choice and holding the ceremony, and the subsequent celebration, in a place that has special meaning and charm for you.
In this case, as the celebrant I will be available to go wherever you have chosen as the setting for your ceremony.

And should you want a real “Elopement” with just a photo shoot, or maybe even without the presence of witnesses, I will be at your disposal to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable with an unconventional and tailor-made ceremony just for you, to take place in an absolutely exotic or unusual place – whether on a gondola in Venice, the gardens of a Tuscan villa, or by the sea.

Wedding Destination on the lake
paola minussi by car for a wedding destination

Saying your wedding vows far from your hometown, in a place that holds special meaning for you, helps make the wedding even more special and gives you and all your guests a unique experience.

Via, via, vieni via con me…
It’s wonderful, it’s wonderful,
it’s wonderful, I dream of you

Paolo Conte

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