Get married in December: an unforgettable symbolic wedding

Get married in December: tips and advice for an unforgettable symbolic wedding ceremony

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Winter brings with it a magical and romantic atmosphere, making this season a perfect time to get married in December. The crisp air, sparkling lights, and festive ambiance contribute to creating an unforgettable symbolic marriage. However, organizing a winter secular ceremony requires careful planning and some special considerations. Here are some tips and advice to ensure that your December wedding is truly magical.

Get married in December: The right location

Choosing the right venue is crucial to get married in December. Opt for a location that offers both cozy indoor spaces and the opportunity to create an enchanting outdoor atmosphere. If you choose a venue with gardens or outdoor spaces, consider installing decorative lights and coverings to protect guests from the cold.

Get married in December: Theme and decorations

Choose a theme that complements the winter season. White, silver, and gold are classic colors, but you can also opt for shades of blue or green for a fresher feel. Use winter-inspired decorations such as decorated Christmas trees, snowy lanterns, and centerpieces with natural elements like pinecones and branches.

Get married in December: Bride and Groom Attire

Attire should be suitable for colder temperatures. Brides can opt for dresses with long sleeves, elegant shawls, or even a fur stole to stay warm. Grooms can consider heavier suits and add accessories like scarves and gloves for a touch of winter elegance.

Get married in December: Personalized invitations

Create invitations that reflect the holiday and winter spirit. Use details like snowflakes, stars, and colors typical of the season. Include useful information about the expected temperature and recommend attire suitable for guests.

Winter Menu

Food plays a fundamental role in any wedding, and in December, you can experiment with a delicious winter menu. Offer warm drinks like mulled wine or hot chocolate during the reception. Opt for hot dishes and comfort food that warms the hearts of guests.

Fabulous winter photography

Take advantage of the unique winter atmosphere to capture breathtaking photos. Ask the photographer to capture romantic moments in the snow, if possible, or use Christmas lights to create enchanting lighting effects.

Guest gifts

Surprise your guests with small winter-themed gifts. You can consider personalized scarves, scented candles, or Christmas cookies with a thank-you note. These gestures add a personal and warm touch to your wedding.

Christmas music

The choice of music is crucial to create the desired atmosphere. Integrate Christmas songs or winter classics into your playlist to add a festive touch. Ensure that the music is suitable for both the reception and the ceremony.

Guest travel planning

Keep in mind that the holiday season may involve increased traffic and travel costs. Provide detailed information on accommodation and transportation options to facilitate your guests’ travel and ensure smoother attendance.

Bad weather contingency plan

As winter weather can be unpredictable, make sure to have a contingency plan for any adverse conditions. You might need shelter for guests, or it could be helpful to have blankets and portable heaters on hand.

A Christmas classic: bingo!

Are you looking for a playful and entertaining moment that involves all your guests, from the youngest to the oldest? Forget about all the more or less amusing games suggested by the experts and get ready to distribute bingo cards at the end of the banquet. What better way to conclude the day? A Christmas tradition that always proves to be a highly appreciated pastime and allows you to personalize a traditional Christmas game as you wish, perhaps assigning prizes that have a special meaning for you and your guests.

Get married in December: An extraordinary experience

In conclusion, a winter wedding in December can be an extraordinary experience when planned with care and creativity. Take advantage of the unique atmosphere of this season to create lasting memories for both you and your guests. With the right planning, your winter wedding will truly be magical and unforgettable.

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