How to dress for a wedding ceremony

How to dress for a wedding ceremony

Attending a wedding ceremony and the subsequent celebrations is an honor; if you’ve been chosen as the witness, well, the honor is double. Your presence as a witness is not just a sign of friendship and trust but also of responsibility. As a witness, you are one of the most important people during the ceremony and you need to dress appropriately for the occasion. Here are some suggestions on how to do it with style and elegance.

Let’s start with some tips for men.

The first fundamental rule to dress for a wedding ceremony

Never wear black and never wear white. In Western tradition, wearing these two colors to a wedding is truly bad taste and inappropriate (unless explicitly requested by the bride and groom for a specific dress code and a themed wedding).

Men’s attire and personal grooming

Choose a stylish and well-fitted suit. A dark suit such as navy or charcoal gray is always a safe choice. Ensure it’s clean and ironed for a flawless look. Take care of your personal hygiene. Make sure you’re well-groomed, with trimmed hair and nails. These details might seem small, but they make a significant difference in your overall appearance.


The right accessories can make a difference. Men should wear a tie or a bow tie that coordinates with the suit color. Women can opt for subtle jewelry and an elegant bag that matches the dress. A little touch of class can make a difference.


Choose elegant and comfortable shoes that match the color of your suit. Men should wear black or brown shoes, while women can opt for moderate heels that are easy to wear throughout the day and night.

Women’s attire to dress for a wedding ceremony

As for women’s attire, if you have been chosen as a witness for this unique ceremony, remember that your role is crucial, and your appearance should reflect the joy and importance of this special day. Here are some tips on how to dress with style and sophistication as the witness of the bride.

Dress color

Generally, bridesmaids avoid wearing white or shades too similar to not overshadow the bride. Opt for colors that match the wedding theme or harmonize with the bridesmaid dresses’ color. Colors like navy blue, emerald green, antique pink, or violet are often elegant and safe choices.

Dress style

Choose a dress that is suitable for the formality of the wedding. For formal weddings, consider a long or midi dress in fabrics like silk or chiffon. For a less formal wedding, a cocktail dress can be a suitable choice. Ensure the dress is comfortable to wear throughout the day and night.


Complete your look with appropriate accessories. Men can wear a pocket square, a lapel pin, or a stylish watch. Women can match their dress with jewelry, an elegant bag, and coordinated shoes. Opt for discreet and elegant jewelry, such as drop earrings or a delicate necklace. Use a small bag that matches your dress and wear comfortable heels for dancing during the party. Remember not to overdo it with accessories to avoid stealing the spotlight from the couple.

Makeup and hairstyle

Invest in subtle and natural makeup that enhances your features without overdoing it. For the hairstyle, choose a style that suits your face shape and holds up well throughout the day.

Sobriety and class

Avoid wearing overly revealing or provocative outfits. Elegance and class are essential. Maintain a balance between a fashionable look and sobriety, avoiding attracting too much attention to yourself. Remember, as the witness of the bride, your role is to support and celebrate. By wearing an appropriate and refined dress, you will contribute to creating an atmosphere of joy and love during this special day.

In general: respect the specific dress code of the wedding ceremony

Some weddings may have a specific dress code, such as black-tie or casual chic. Make sure to respect the dress code indicated on the invitation and adapt accordingly. It’s essential to consider the type of wedding and its style so that you can choose the appropriate attire.

The most important thing to remember is…

Remember, your presence and appearance reflect the significance of the occasion and your consideration for the bride and groom. By wearing the right attire, you will contribute to creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration during this special day. Always remember to be yourself and feel comfortable in what you wear.

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