The wonderful testimony of newlyweds Sumuoli and Alfredo to Paola Minussi Celebrant

The wonderful review by Sumuoli and Alfredo

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In one of my previous posts, I have already shared the Bengali wedding ceremony that I wrote and officiated for Sumuoli and Alfredo, two special individuals, a radiant and deeply connected couple. I designed, wrote, and officiated a double ceremony for them: the first one with a Bengali ritual and the second with a Western one. Today, I want to let the newlyweds speak and share with you the beautiful words they dedicated to me, not only about the ceremony itself on their wedding day but also about the entire preparation process we shared in the months leading up to their wedding day.

Our search for the “right” celebrant

I’ll copy and paste Sumouli and Alfredo’s words as they shared them with me:

“Our search to find the right celebrant was challenging, not only due to the high number of professionals out there but also because we had a set of priorities and characteristics our celebrant had to possess.

First and foremost, a person with a good and wise aura.

Secondly, someone with a sufficiently open mind and the right cultural sensitivity to interpret and convey the best of our two different cultures, both through the use of the Italian and English languages.

Thirdly, someone who was flexible enough to completely personalize the ceremony based on who we were as individuals and as a couple.”

The first phone call

“When we spoke to Paola on the phone for the first time, we immediately felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders. She was simply beyond what we were looking for. We shared an instant connection on so many levels, and it’s as if we could see her beautiful smile even when we talk on the phone, radiating an absolutely wonderful aura. We became friends instantly, and thanks to her extensive experience as a celebrant, we created two beautiful ceremonies, each extremely different and unique.”

Preparing for the two ceremonies

“When we were planning the ceremonies together, there were moments when we didn’t quite understand how to best convey the nuances of the Bengali ceremony. Working with Paola was like having a genius: you could simply state the message you wanted to convey, and in seconds, you had the most beautiful and artistic representation of your message. In fact, we will frame some of the words Paola wrote for us. Her natural talent as a writer is just one of her most wonderful aspects.”

A joyful journey with smiles always on our face

“We are so grateful to have had her by our side because every interaction we had with her was joyful, and Paola knew how to guide us and make us experience something that went beyond the simple matters related to marriage. Paola has the sweetest nature, the most beautiful smile, incredible talent with words, and a deep cultural sensitivity. Any couple who works with her can guarantee that it is a dream to work with her to create their own ceremony. Dearest Paola, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Sumi and Alfredo.”

My newlyweds’ satisfaction: my greatest joy

In my next post, I will be happy to tell you about Sumouli and Alfredo’s Western wedding ceremony. Today, I wanted to give them, the newlyweds, the floor and celebrate, yes, it’s really the case to say it, the joy I felt in receiving such beautiful and grateful words from them for the journey we have taken together. A path of knowledge, storytelling, and writing that allowed them to have the ceremony, or rather, the ceremonies, of their dreams, and allowed me to get to know two special people from two different countries and cultures and languages, with whom I could deepen my understanding of the world and the various wedding ritual traditions that make the celebration world so exciting and colorful.

Do you also want a ceremony that combines different traditions and cultures?

Sumuoli and Alfredo’s double ceremony was special and unique for many reasons: it was a celebration composed of two different ceremonies: the Indian one with Bengali rituals and the Italian one with the exchange of wedding vows, rings, and with the love story of the spouses at the heart of the celebration. Alfredo and Sumouli’s ceremony was conducted in two languages, Italian and English, precisely to involve everyone present and to honor their two different linguistic traditions. The most beautiful challenge was to fulfill every wish of the couple and to perform and experience all the moments of both ceremonies harmoniously and rich in meaning.

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