Women's solidarity: the circle among women

What is and how to celebrate a Women’s Circle: women’s solidarity

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Among all the women’s rituals that I love to celebrate and that are particularly close to my heart is the “Women’s Circle,” an engaging and enveloping experience, in the true sense of the word, that I often propose to groups of women friends, “acquaintances or women who have never met before, in order to experience and strengthen the so-called “sisterhood” or also referred to as women’s solidarity.
By the term “sisterhood” I mean the awareness and empowerment of the sense of belonging, self-help and awareness that the women participating in the circle have a way of perceiving and experiencing, together with other women, their own femininity and the deep union they have with Nature, which, not coincidentally, is female and is called “Mother Nature.” Through and thanks to the “Women’s Circle” experience, it is possible to perceive and establish a very strong contact with all those connections to the sensitive and supersensible elements present in the world around us and then share them with other women within the Circle.

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