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Why choose a professional celebrant

Why choose a figure such as the professional lay-humanist celebrant for one’s wedding? For many reasons, which I now wish to tell you about in this post.

The possibility of being united in marriage by the best friend, best friend or loved one to whom one wishes to entrust such a task, is now a fairly common practice among newlyweds who choose to be united in marriage by a symbolic ceremony or a civil ceremony in the municipality.

But are we sure that the choice of entrusting such a very delicate task with a very strong emotional impact not only for the bride and groom, but for all the people involved (and, in particular, for the one or the one who will hold such a task) is always the best choice for the success of your ceremony? Would it not be more prudent to turn to a professional celebrant, who has not only a “technical” and professional background, but also an emotional and empathetic background to carry out such a highly responsible task?

Let us see, first of all, who is authorized to celebrate a civil and/or symbolic marriage. A symbolic marriage can be celebrated by anyone you wish; the ceremony will not have legal value, but it can certainly have a very high emotional and personal impact.

In the case of a civil wedding in which the person celebrating the wedding is not a person with an institutional position within the municipality (such as a union*, deputy mayor*, one/an official* of the municipality, city councilors and aldermen or civil registrars), there is the possibility of requesting a proxy from the authorities in charge so that an ordinary citizen (who will obviously have an emotional bond with the bride and groom) will be the one to celebrate the wedding: the requirements for obtaining such a proxy are the attainment of majority and full possession of the political and civil rights that Italian citizenship provides (having a clean criminal record, just to be clear).

Therefore, the idea that it is a relative or a friend, a person close to you who makes you say the fateful, “Yes, I do!” is not exciting.

Indeed it is, although … well, yes, there are a number of critical issues that lead me to make you seriously consider turning to an experienced and trained Professional Celebrant, through a specific path, to celebrate your wedding and to conduct the ceremony of your most beautiful day with a rhythm that is certainly harmonious to your feeling and, at the same time, with the right amount of emotion and participation. This is where the figure of the lay-humanist celebrant comes in. Why choose a professional lay-humanist celebrant to celebrate your wedding?

Here are the most significant advantages.

One above all is the certainty of having a person who knows how best to coordinate the text, the rhythm, the right sequencing of the various moments of the ceremony and the different actors in the field wisely and with that right distance that allows one to be yes, involved, but at a different level from that of the friend or relative. A/professional celebrant participates in the joy of the couple about to be united in marriage, but he/she knows very well and is aware that he/she has to keep the emotions and the course of the whole ceremony in the right measure and with the right spirit, the one desired by the couple, whether romantic, witty, serious but also light, with that ability to adapt to the various moments, giving them the prominence they deserve. It will never happen, or rather, it is very unlikely to happen, that such a professional figure will get out of hand and find herself in tears and without the ability to go on with her speech any longer, either because she is overwhelmed by the episodes she recounts during the ceremony or because she is too involved with one or both sides of the bridal couple.

I myself have witnessed, and am witnessing, many times how overwhelming the emotion is in those who are called and wish to read a small speech or dedicate a personal thought to the couple during the ceremony. Very often tears of joy and emotion flow copiously and uncontrollably and prevent friends and relatives from reading their thoughts in a fluent (and understandable) manner, be it even a very brief one; they often have to stop, pause, and then try to resume the thread of the speech, thus interrupting, many times, precious and important words that would need the appropriate calm and fluidity. Of course, with a professional celebrant by your side, this anxiety of performance and responsibility also decreases a great deal, but it is even better if such moments when emotionality breaks the banks and overflows are limited to short and specific moments and not to the whole ceremony.

Also not to be underestimated is the aspect of experience, typical of the trained professional celebrant/ celebrant who is sensitive to everything around him/her, who knows and can handle any mishaps and unforeseen events that may occur at the last moment due to a variety of logistical and emotional issues.

The professional celebrant knows how to devise, manage and keep in the right rhythm and within the agreed timeline the whole ceremony, which is not always easy, given the very strong emotionality that involves all participants, bride and groom first and foremost, on the wedding day.

Last but not least, the professional celebrant usually has a calming effect both on the couple, who see such a figure as a firm and reliable reference, and on the ceremony participants, because he/she is a figure “other” from the family and friendship circle, a figure who can see and recognize, even from a distance and without knowing the various details, some of the dynamics that might suddenly occur.

So, my advice is: before you are rushed and entrust the ceremony in its entirety to your best friend or BFF, consider turning to a professional lay-humanist celebrant who is trained specifically for such a task.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple video call chat, an opportunity that I always offer to my couples without any commitment, to understand that on a day that is already at such a high emotional and emotional level as your wedding day, you should not entrust anything to chance, but rather to someone who knows how to handle every aspect, even the most unpredictable.

If you would like, I am available for a no-obligation interview to talk about your ceremony and to evaluate together the best possible option for your dream wedding.

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